Lamberts announces axing of INTO outsourcing plans

INTO-Logo1Koen Lamberts, the University of York Vice Chancellor, took to his new blog today to announce a new University Strategy for teaching and research, and to assure students that the condemned outsourcing plans will not take place.

Lamberts said in his blog post; “As some of you know, we have been considering establishing an INTO Foundation College on our campus, offering international students a pre-degree year.

After careful consideration, the Senior Management Group took the decision on Wednesday not to take this proposal any further. I want to thank all colleagues who have invested time and effort in investigating the proposal and helping us decide whether it was the right development for the University.”

Kallum Taylor, YUSU president, made it clear on Facebook that “[YUSU] never opposed it” but that they “were aware of the risks” of outsourcing services using the INTO scheme.

He commented that it “could have been a high quality asset”. Taylor assured students that; “This does not in any way, shape or form mean we are going to stop demanding to add much needed services, retail and study space to Heslington East. Constantine is on the horizon now… And the needs are stark enough… We’ll keep going and we still have backing from big players in the higher echelons of Heslington Hall.”

Student activists, and the University of York UCU however, condemned the University’s INTO plans from the beginning. The University of York UCU commented;

“UCU was very pleased to receive the information from the Vice-Chancellor’s office that the University will not now be going into partnership with the private education provider INTO.

As far as UCU is aware, there will not be any re-emergence of the bid and consequent consideration in the future, although there is of course no guarantee.

A formal YUCU statement will follow.”

Other Universities around the country have protested similarly about outsourcing of work, most notably at the University of London Union, who are taking a stand against the outsourcing of cleaners, and the University of Sussex Students’ Union, who have been protesting outsourcing for some time, using demonstrations including an occupation.

You can read Kallum Taylor’s blog on the matter HERE.

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