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As the start of university quickly approaches, decisions about the most trivial things must be made like ‘what kind of duvet cover defines me as a person?’ One issue that I hope we all agree is not trivial, however, is that of deciding what haircut to get for Uni. I shall talk about what haircuts I think are in at the moment and also where to go to get the best styles.

Your hair is so important when it comes to your image. If you find you are not a very confident guy perhaps your hair is letting you down, nothing makes you feel more cool and up to date than popping down to the barbers.

Now as a fresher you will probably be new to York and therefore not too sure where is the best place in town to get your hair done, but never fear I have been round a bit and I have some recommendations – personally I would recommend either Cads for Men, which is on Fossgate or Sharp which is on Walmgate. They both do student discount, Sharp is slightly more expensive but personally I think you get what you pay for and no one wants to look like a scarecrow now do they?

So now you know whether to go here of some of my favourite hair styles which are bound to give a good impression at freshers.

My top three styles

The Undercut

Okay so I am kind of biased as this is how I have my hair but hey, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good does it? The Undercut to me is just the haircut that never gets old, you can have it either almost shaved or just nicely short, faded in or contrasting, and then you can have a side fringe or swept back – the options are endless! You can have curtains if you wanted… so for me it is always a winner but then again it is not for everyone; definitely think about it before you let them go crazy with the shaver.


 The Quiff

Now obviously you could have a Quiff with an undercut but it does deserve to be acknowledged in its own right. The Quiff has come back and personally I like it. It is fairly low maintenance (unlike an undercut) and it can be as in your face or as subtle and you decide to have it. Perhaps you may have to spend a bit more on products than other hairdos but it is worth it for this retro look.


Side Combed

Again this is a haircut you can have in conjunction with an undercut but it is of course still a haircut in its own right. Side Combed has been coming back for a while but it seems to be set to be one of the most popular styles for 2013. So get your blue Asda bought gel at the ready because this classic do is coming back.


I hope you appreciated the pointers now you have no excuse for not looking trim and well presented for freshers! Have fun.

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