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Varsity Women’s Badminton: York 1sts 8-0 Hull 1sts

In an 8-0 victory, York womens 1sts played with integrity and determination.

Up first was Rachael Farrington against Hull’s Sarah Bowler.Farrington dominated the first end leaving Bowler eventually succumbing to 21-4 after a mere few errors on Farrington’s part. Hull’s Bowler was confused tofind she had to play a second end and with her lack of match experience confirmed, she was defeated again to 21-4.

The second round saw York’s Alice Garcia-Melgares battle for a win against Hull’s Nichola Jackson. In a ridiculously close first end Jackson stole a win with two points clear after Melgares put her final smashes in the net. Walking away from court defeated to 22-24, Melgares was determined to prove herself, going back on court winning 21-11 with some truly great play.

Such a comfortable win saw Melgares going into her third end steadily. However with a very full and loud York crowd, cheers of ‘come on Alice!’ encouraged herin the final points, securing a very close result of 21-19.

Next up were the doubles pairs. Cassandra Brown and Blonnie Walsh comfortably beat Hull’s 2nd doubles 21-10, 21-8. However,Captain Clare Breare and her partner Charlie Parker were experiencing a different and much closer game against the firsts. Nevertheless, after a 21-16 win in the first end, the pair were determined to bring in another just like it.

In the final throws, the pair put on a crowd pleasing performance with Parker producing a perfectly executed back hand cross court drop bewildering the Hull pair and also closing the game at 21-19.

At this point York had already secured a draw as the match stood at 4-0. Farrington confessed to having pre match nerves after Melgares’ tight victory over Hull’s Jackson. Despite this, Farrington dominated the game winning 21-3, 21-1 yet admitted to being disappointed for dropping one point inthe second end.

York had officially already won the match! Nevertheless, the show must go on and so it did with Melgares beating Hull’s inexperienced singles player to a very convincing 21-7, 21-7.

With the match standing at 6-0 in York’s favour, the pressure was off. However in a team talk with captain Breare, Brown and Walshwere told to prepare for a tough game against Hull’s 1sts doubles.

Whilst Parker and Breare obliterated the Hull seconds 21-6,21-4, Brown and Walsh however were having a much harder time. A few nerveinduced errors meant the York pair succumbed to Hull, leaving the question of awhite wash victory for York up in the air.

Though, after talk of tactics with Captain Breare, Walsh and Brown went into the second end with confidence controlling the rallies by forcing the weaker opponent to the back repeatedly. Eventually Hull deserted their efforts of defence yielding to 21-18.

Afteranother discussion of tactics Walsh and Brown got off to a flying start demonstrating their determination to win. Yet in a slight comeback the scores eventually stood at 16-16. Despite this, pressure truly got to the Hull girlsleaving Walsh and Brown to finish off the game in style, ultimately winning 21-17.

Captain Breare commented: ‘Hull failed to raise their game yet again. Congratulations to my team, I’m very proud of them all’. Even with a depleted Ladies 1sts team, the girls managed to whitewash their opponents representing the class of Badminton at York.

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