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Police investigate shameful hockey social after members wear swastikas and praise 9/11

CW: Racism, Sexism, Misogyny, References to Sexual Violence. The University of York Hockey Club have been condemned by officials within the University of York and beyond over the Conduct of

A stroke of good luck: Olympic recognition for Rowing Club

The Extra-OAR-dinary effort of the Rowing Team at the University of York Boat Club has been given the investment and recognition is deserves this month as news came in that The University

Football Under Fire: College Football Rocked by Ableism and Homophobia Scandals

ATTITUDES IN College football have been thrust into the spotlight, after the Langwith football president shouted ableist abuse at a College match – and the Constantine football president posted homophobic

Roses 2017: York Emerge Victorious

James Brown: the student behind college e-sports

James Brown perfectly fits the stereotype of an e-sportsman (is that what you call them?). He buzzes with excitement about his hobby, and often goes off on tangents about the latest

Lancaster win Roses 2016

Lancaster have won Roses 2016, after crossing the threshold of 176 points. It is now mathematically impossible for York to catch up. As sport continues today, Lancaster will lift the Carter James

Roses 2016: Sunday – LIVE

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Roses 2016: Saturday – LIVE

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Roses 2016: Friday – LIVE

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ROSES 2016: Grace Clarke says “York will reign victorious”

With Europe's largest varsity fast approaching, York Sport president Grace Clarke has all the answers… What impact do you think the success of Varsity will have on Roses? "In regards

ROSES 2016: York and Lancaster agree on one thing – girl power

This year Roses is promoting a special campaign to celebrate women in sport. The largest inter-university sports competition in Europe is just around the corner, conflict is rife over the

ROSES 2016: Victory last year will spur York on

The Roses success of last year gives hope to many University of York sports teams for another successful Roses campaign. The University of York’s 225.5 points to Lancaster’s 139.5 highlighted a

ROSES 2016: We’re already winning after rowing victories

York lead Roses ahead of this weekend after victories in the Roses rowing fixtures this year with a 9-3 victory over Lancaster. Although not a whitewash like last year, the University

ROSES 2016: As weekend approaches, York teams prepare to keep Roses white

Cheerleading York's Cheerleaders went to three competitions this year with their two cheerleading squads (Black & Gold), three group stunt squads (Queen Bees, Stingers and PITA) and three dance squads (Pom,

ROSES 2016: The centuries old conflict that makes warriors of York athletes

Every year, hundreds of thousands of faces huddle together along the banks of the Thames to see which group of spandex-clad Oxbridge students sinks first. While the boat race may

ROSES 2016: Trophy isn’t going anywhere as York teams head to Lancaster

York teams will head to Lancaster this weekend, spurred on by their landslide victory last year, to try and win Roses away for the first time in eight years. The