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University of York Lecturers as Historical Advisors in BBC’s New Drama Gunpowder

University of York Lecturers are historical advisors for the BBC’s new series Gunpowder. The drama, airing for the first time this Saturday on BBC One, stars Game of Thrones Actor

What To Do About a Problem Like the Musical Episode?

Musical episodes (of non-musical TV) are God’s gift to television. They are silly, incredibly fun to watch, and there is nothing better than having your favourite characters serenade you with

How real is reality TV?

Becky Welch questions just how real reality TV is.

The Unwatchables

Tom Davies discusses some TV shows which definitely weren’t cancelled too soon...

The Beginning of the End

Tom Davies gives his verdict on the recent deluge of post-apocalyptic television

Another Terrible Spin-off?

Tom Davies takes a look at spin-offs past and present, both successful and decidedly less so...

American Horror Showdown

Tom Davies pits the first three seasons of American Horror Story against each other - which will win out in this Scene Halloween Special showdown?

Most Binge-Watched TV Shows

Tom Davies chats about the most watched TV programmes in the student sphere

Agents of SHIELD: ‘Shadows’ Review

Adrian Horan reviews the premiere of Agents of SHIELD's second season

Gotham: Series Premiere Review

Adrian Horan reviews the pilot episode for FOX's Batman prequel series

The Wolf of Netflix: BoJack Horseman

Vision TV Blogger Tom Davies has quite a lot to say about Netflix's BoJack Horseman

Doctor Who: ‘Deep Breath’ Review

Adrian Horan reviews the long-anticipated Season 8 premiere of Doctor Who

The Wolf of Netflix: Californication

Tom Davies watches Californication, and struggles to come to terms with the sight of present day David Duchovny

The Casual Vacancy: the TV series

J. K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy is making its way to the small screen, but will it live up to the hype?

The Wolf of Netflix: Lost Girl

Tom Davies watches the Canadian supernatural drama Lost Girl, and explains why it's not just a cheap rip off of True Blood.

Emmy Predictions

Mairead Kearins gives her predictions for the 2014 Emmy Awards.