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Preview: Closed Circuit presents Shanti Celeste

It’s been a while since we’ve had a taste of fresh air in York, but the guys over at Closed Circuit have sorted things out. On her way from France

Drop turns 1!

  I think a teacher told me in school that plan precedes action and that the best businessmen are calculative reptiles. I’ve been quite content in conceding this assumption, because

Preview: Three years of Animaux with Viers

Sometimes it was an unforeseen mad one on a Tuesday night, other times relaxed espresso martinis on a Saturday evening. Hell, they even took it to Liverpool! Animaux has come

Review: The Northern Youth Afterparty

The increasing calibre of Blackbox lately meant this afterparty had a lot to live up to

Feature: Closed Circuit

In typical Alex T fashion, we ended up meeting at the pub. “This is my year off. Basically, after I finished university, I wanted to stay in York. It’s just

Preview: Big D 2015 – Sold Out!

Rob Wynne-Griffiths previews the lineup for Big D 2015.

Flying Lotus Live at Manchester Academy

If you’ve got mild photosensitivity issues, or suffering similar effects from an illicit substance you bought off your girlfriend’s housemate’s mate, then you’re going to want to be wary of

Review: Carnival’D

Vision review Carnival'D, this year's Big D event


Vision takes us on a tour of York’s club toilets from the dignified to the downright dingy.

The new kids on the block

One of the things that the York student scene gets criticised on is its nightlife. Don’t get me wrong, the night clubs are there, the student deals are pretty decent

Bar food

Have you ever wandered around town in the daytime, hungry like the wolf? And on passing some of your regular evening haunts, noticed that they apparently exist in the daytime

House Parties Vs. Going Out

The battle between house parties and going out has raged since time immemorial. But which is more ideal in our York town? Gabriele Pumeryte and Jess Davidson discuss the benefits

Classic Revs Poses

Put on your suede shoes, pull up your chinos, whack on your gilet, it's time to hit Revs. Its nice to know there will be at least one non-incriminating photo


Ben Oppedijk explains the verbal phenomenon that is the noble endeavour of chirpsing

Kuda v Salvo

Oona Venermo and Jessie Davidson review the new Kuda on the block; will it be the Salvation of our Tuesday Student Nights?

Cocktails and mocktails

When it comes to having a drink, some prefer a cocktail with an alcoholic basis, whilst others prefer to enjoy the same great taste without the hangover. Henna Ishaq