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Why Books Beat Hollywood

The film industry is always looking for inspiration for the latest big hit and where better to look than on […]

App(alling): The Apple Upgrade Trap

Costas Mourselas discusses how Apple is ripping us off.

An Interview with Billy Lockett

Anoosh Djavaheri interviewed singer-songwriter Billy Lockett before his gig at The Duchess.

The Rise of House

Anoosh Djavaheri explores how house has evolved from its roots, to a pop-house hybrid.

A Day in the Life of… DJames

What is a typical day like for York-based DJ, DJames? Isabelle Scott finds out.

“Hope I Die Before I Get Old”

Tom Clabon looks at the rock stars who didn’t have the good sense to die at 27 like everyone else.

Another Terrible Spin-off?

Tom Davies takes a look at spin-offs past and present, both successful and decidedly less so…

American Horror Showdown

Tom Davies pits the first three seasons of American Horror Story against each other – which will win out in this Scene Halloween Special showdown?

Vegetarian for a day

Meat-lover Markella Apergi visits Goji Vegetarian Cafe to experience vegetarian dining

Wes Anderson: The Art of Symmetry

Tom Williams and Louis McGillick explore Wes Anderson’s masterful use of symmetry in his filmmaking

Album Review: Logic – Under Pressure

Anoosh Djavaheri reviews Maryland rapper Logic’s debut album.

Review: Celia

Mairead Kearins reviews the latest Latin night to hit York.

Top 5 Video Games to Play This Halloween

Many games put the ‘fear’ in ‘fear factor’ – here are our top five picks for this Halloween season

Preview: Celia

Tim Douglas previews the upcoming Latin club-night ‘Celia’ launching next Monday.

Review: Animaux by an Amateur

Helena went to Animaux, and she bloody loved it

Review: Journey’s End

Jessica Hutchinson finds herself “exceedingly impressed” with Journey’s End.