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The Big Disconnect – Migrants and Prevent

I think I will start by quoting what Jeremy McLellan, comedian, said during the Hurricane Irma in the USA, “Florida is currently undergoing the largest evacuation in United States history.

Derwent Fresher Goes Viral After Pretending To Be An MP

This week, Patrick O’Donnell, Derwent College First Year Student, became an internet sensation after his Instagram account, Patrick The MP, in which he pretends to be Member of Parliament for Clapham

Freshers: Have Confidence In Confidence Alone

As you probably noticed at Fresher Fair – there are so many opportunities to get involved in here at the University of York. Be it joining a sports club, a

Student Night Guide 2017

  With Fresher’s Week at it’s end the chaos of night in Salvation on a Thursday and Fibbers on a Tuesday will be no more and the natural order of

Life of an International Student

York has a very big international community and you will find here people coming from all over the world. For us internationals, moving to uni is even a bigger deal

Meet the students who eat bugs

  JOSH SALISBURY talks to new student group Eat Bugs! about their mission to encourage us all to snack on insects – and tries some for himself… THEY taste a

Millie Beach interview: “In an ideal world all education would be free”

I had arranged to meet the new YUSU President at the Charles XII where, upon arrival, she orders a J20 from the bar. “I’m not drinking [alcohol] until after freshers’

Meet the man who’s taken photos of more than seventy Wetherspoons carpets

It’s a Thursday night, and I’m at the pub ordering a pint. Nine times out of ten I wilfully ignore the price, and thank the lord that contactless has removed

Stuck in York this summer? We’ve got you covered…

JUNE Fossgate Festival When? 10-6pm, 5 Jun, 3 Jul, 7 Aug, 28 Aug Where? Fossgate How much? Free Fossgate has lots to offer on any day but walk down on

Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Despite his ‘guy with a guitar’ semblance, Benjamin Francis Leftwich avoids the clichéd adages often used to label singer-songwriters. His 2011 debut album titled Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm was

A look at the Women’s Equality Party Society

Last term I was among five involved in setting up a campus society for the newly formed national ‘Women’s Equality Party’(WE), hoping to raise awareness of the party and promote

Nerds and Nerf Guns: York’s Alternate Varsity

JONNY LONG investigates how some people spend their weekends...running around Hes East shooting each other with toy guns.

I went and gone and done a MENSA test

JONNY LONG tells his story of walking the line between certified genius and utter buffoonery with reckless abandon.

Reforming sex ed in time for Valentine’s n’ chill?

Sex Ed at my school consisted of putting a condom on a banana before the condoms became water balloons for the following break time, leaving my desk smothered with lube

Mystic Markes: discover your future…

ARIES 21 Mar-19 Apr  People under Aries have got a fiery year ahead with a forecast of improved health and greater occupation opportunities. This can probably only be a good

Asexual students: There’s too much pressure to have sex at university

For Asexuality Awareness Week, Jack Gevertz spoke to students who identify as asexual at the university.