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Party all night

The Women’s Committee and other members of YUSU held a gathering last Friday (May 17) to mark the installation of lights into Retreat Lane.
The lights, which are solar-powered, were installed last term after a long held dispute over responsibility of the lane.

The event was attended by members of the Women’s Network, Welfare Officer Bob Hughes and Councillor David Levene.

The Women’s Officers, Josie Field and Saskia Papadakis, told Vision that, “we are extremely happy to finally see progress on the lighting issues the women’s network have been campaigning on for years.” They particularly congratulated “last year’s women’s officers Cat Wayland and Nell Beecham’s liasing with David Levene.”

Councillor Levene, who was also part of the celebration, has hinted that there are plans for further campaigns towards increased lighting. He said: “I know there are still concerns about some areas, and next up I’ll be working on improving lighting on Walmgate Stray.”

It is not clear how this will be achieved, but the route, which runs between Wentworth and Fulford, is a popular way on and off campus. Levene did add that he would “welcome any help from YUSU, the University and others.”

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