Student Night Guide 2017


With Fresher’s Week at it’s end the chaos of night in Salvation on a Thursday and Fibbers on a Tuesday will be no more and the natural order of the traditional club nights will be restored. To celebrate the return to normalcy and to catch Freshers up on York’s most celebrated weekly institutions here is Vision’s Student Night Guide for 2017.

Entourage Kuda

The mecca of the first year. Filled with wide eyed freshers wandering around with a VK clenched in each fist while Tom Zanetti is booming in the background. Despite being the favourite of the fresher by second and third year most students wouldn’t be caught dead in Kuda unless in the edgier recesses of Tikki Bar or Mambo Lounge.

Salvation Wednesday

LADS, LADS, LADS, LADS. Salvo Wednesday is the eternal venue of the sports social. Every week you will see the club packed with sportsmen and women in a drunken state you did not think reachable and in culturally questionable fancy dress slamming back double vodkas. Often a student favourite due to its reputation as the most messy and wild night of the week.

Throwback Fibbers

The middle of the road, what shines about Fibbers is what it lacks. It’s not trying to replicate clubland like Kuda and it isn’t packed with rugby lads like Salvo. It’s just an alright club which makes it the favourite of your average student. Thursday Fibbers also has the Willow room which, while a far cry from its namesake, you’ll hear the same cheesy tunes from the legendary Willow resident DJ Max.

Sundays at Revolution

Getting plastered in a suit pretty much sums up the Revs experience. You’ll see the same sports teams you see out on a Wednesday, but instead of sporting a mankini or a Spartan loincloth, they’ll be out in their Sunday best. Drinks are on the extortionate side so the smart choice is usually a hooch at £2 a can.

Phat Fridays

The self-proclaimed Hip Hop night of York, this is the ‘edgiest’ choice of the traditional York nights. You’re sure to see your pal Jasper from private school  in an Adidas jumper and cap acting like he never went to Harrow, but instead grew up on the mean streets and has literally loved grime all of his life.


The Berghain of York as described by the Guardian. Although it’s drifting from campus memory as most who walked through that hallow’d doorway have gone on to that afterlife we call the real world, there are still a few postgraduates who can recall it with a tear in their eye. Willow was the place you went when everywhere else closed, open till half four,  a dingy dancefloor, grotty toilets, £1 sambuca and tequila, free prawn crackers and Tommy Fong, what else could one want out of the original after party? RIP Willow



Reliable, is the one word that sums up society. Whatever the night, whatever the occasion you can get a cheeky double at Society before the main event.  While the playlist becomes predictable after a few visits, they occasionally slip in a classic crowd pleaser.

Pop World

I remember going there in Freshers? And so it usually remains for the rest of university life and almost definitely for the better.



Pop World but less shit. While not as dire a resort as Pop World it has all the same hallmarks of overpriced drinks, cheesy music and less than illustrious clientele. Although a general student rule for Pop World is to avoid at all cost, Flares sees a fair amount of students as sports teams load up on VKs before heading to Salvo Wednesdays.

Stone Roses Bar


Still clinging to your Arctic Monkeys’ CDs? Then Stone Roses is probably for you. Highlights include ‘blue shit’ and a game of pool.


Finished essays? 2 for 1 cocktails at Dusk. First date? 2 for 1 cocktails at Dusk. Just been elected to that ‘illustrious’ college or society exec position? You get the idea. While not normally a student haunt for predrinks, Dusk is the go to for anything a little more refined than chugging strongbow before a night out that still requires drinking.